Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dec 12th 2011

Hey guys...It's one of those weeks. I have been in the internet cafe for 2 hours now trying to respond to your questions and upload pictures, etc...

The power has been on and off the whole time and when the power is on, the internet is off.

I just wanted to let you know that I'm okay and that I hope I'll be able to do stuff next week.
Have a safe week, hopefully things will work better for me next week.


Me with Investigator family

Plate of the Week (typical lunch)

Eating Matooke with ground nut sauce
(MATOOKE is Buganda's traditional dish and one of the most
common foods in Uganda. The green plantains are peeled and cooked
in water or steamed in banana leaves.  When ready, matooke turns soft
and yellow. Some people mash it, while others do not. Matooke is
usually served with groundnut sauce, meat, or vegetables.)

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