Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hello everyone. Greetings from my new area Bugembe (BOO-GEMM-BAY) I am here with my new companion  from Zimbabwe (picture next week) and happy to be communicating with you all again. The internet is much better here than Busia and I will be able to send pictures again.

CHECK OUT THOSE HORNS!!!! Texas has got nothing on this guy!!!
People are asking what Jack fruit looks like. This is it prepared.

Playin' around on top of a tall building. Just trying to stay loose!!!

Fridge full of beverages for branch party!!!

Need we say full taxi to baptisms? We had 27 people in that taxi!!!

Duck, Duck, Goose!!!! Primary is so fun!!! ;D

Who says men can't cook??? Preparing sandwiches and G-nuts for branch party

Baptisms Saturday

My two favorite people in all of Busia

Last Supper in Busia. Duma (Root vegetable) and Soya Cup (Soy bean "tea")

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