Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13th 2012

Good to be back in contact with you after a week of hard work and stress!!!! It really is a relief to sit down to the computer and read about what is going on at home. First things first I guess...CONGRATULATIONS TO THE U.S.A. OLYMPIC TEAM!!! It has been fun watching things (as much as I can "legally" as a missionary of course...haha) The newspapers here always have something on the Olympics so I have been able to keep pretty up to date. The athletes were incredible this year. I'm so proud to be an American!!!

But, enough of the worldly world...haha. Mbale has treated me great this first full week here. We are really working hard with the members to become more involved with missionary work. Since Mbale is still a relatively new branch we are still getting the different church programs implemented so that the church can function smoothly. Right now I am working with the Young Men's organization getting the teaching schedule set up and also working on getting people excited for a mutual night each week. If things move smoothly with the young men, we will work to get the young women involved as well. A focus we have here is to prepare young men to serve missions. We have several really great young men and if pushed they will make it!!! The first ever missionary will be leaving Mbale in 3-4 weeks. The Elders here have done a great job at preparing him and we look forward to carrying on the legacy!!!

This week we had the opportunity to travel to Busia (one of my previous areas) for a Zone Development Meeting. It was fun to be back in an old area and see a few of the people I love and care for. This coming Friday we will be having a combined Zone Conference with the Mbale and Iganga zones, we will be traveling to Bugembe (another of my previous areas) for that meeting. It is weird that I'm getting to go to all my old areas this transfer. Hopefully things will work out in the future so that I will be able to see Kajjansi and Ntinda again. We'll see. As a mission progresses, things just work out to be able to see recent converts, members and old areas. I LOVE IT!!!

MISSION IS INCREDIBLE!!! If you are of mission age (whether male or female) please make the decision now to GO!!!

I'll do my best to keep you up to date with things here, it is very difficult though to say the things you want to hear. If you really want to know something, please let my parents or one of my siblings know. Another great way to communicate with me is through it is free, easy and really makes an Elder's day!!!!

You guys are the best!!! Have a great last week of Summer then get to work with school and all that stuff!!!

Elder Winters

New Missionary house: almost finished.

Me and my Comp

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