Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14th 2012

Hello Family and Friends!!!!

This has got to be some kind of a record for me. Two weeks in a row having time to write something for the blog!!! I deserve a pat on the back huh? haha ;P

So if you haven't heard already I will be staying in Kajjansi for another 6 weeks (well, 5 now since the first week of the transfer is over). I have been told that ya'll would like to have a little more information on mission life and not just some spiritual things I am learning in my studies. So maybe I can explain for those who have not had close friends or family who serve missions...a missionaries mission is split into 17 equal segments called transfers. They are 6 week periods of time during which we remain in the same area with the same companion. Every 6 weeks we receive transfers which means that we may leave or stay in our respective areas, and we may stay with or "kick out" our respective companion. My mission has been pretty crazy with a lot of moving around. I have been in five areas in the one year (ONE YEAR!!! I CAN ACTUALLY SAY THAT NOW!!!! YAY!!!!) I started in Walukuba for 1 transfer, went to Ntinda (ENN-Tinda) for 3 transfers, then headed to Busia for 2, to Bugembe for 1 and now here in Kajjansi for my second transfer here. Total of 8 transfers down, 9 to go (including this one)!!!!

I have had a lot of questions about how and when I do my washing. Only 2-3 apartments in the mission have a washing machine (well, if you count me EVERY apartment has a washing machine...haha ;P) That's right, I am the washing machine around here. Sometimes depending on my workload and the area I will have a member of the branch wash my clothes for 2 dollars per week.

As a missionary I can't close an email without sharing some spiritual thought with you all, so here it is!!!
Today my thought will come from the book of Matthew and the words of our Savior Jesus Christ. He said: "Not every one who says 'Lord, Lord' shall enter the kingdom of God, but he that doeth the will of My Father which is in Heaven."

I want to testify to you of the truth of this scripture. One of the 7 deadly heresy's which Elder McConkie spoke about in his immortal talk was the falsehood of being saved by grace alone, or in other words, the "confess and be saved" principle. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is built upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ which requires action. God's church is a church of action, not a church of words. We as God's children must learn to act upon our beliefs and even use our faith to make us stronger. I know this gospel is true, if any of you have not accepted or have fallen away from this Gospel, I beg of you that you think about the eternal implications involved. "This life is the time for us to prepare to meet God." (Alma 34:32) When our lives here on earth are over (and we will not be given any warning) we will be judged not only for our words but our thoughts and deeds. Make the decision now to obey the will of God and set your lives in order for the time that the Savior will return triumphantly to the earth. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

All my love, especially to the Mothers out there. Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Elder Winters

Uganda Cranes (Soccer) team bus!!!

View from the hill above our apartment

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