Monday, December 24, 2012

December 24 2012

We got a bunch of pictures from Brandon over the holidays...

Pretty sweet, I don't know when this date will come around again...

Gotta have a replacement for Dad's cinnamon rolls...haha no way that's going to happen, but this is the second best...

Baptisms LAST week

My pregnant "mom" friend in Gulu (Branch President's wife)

Our apartment (4-man) The next two apartments are also for missionaries

Setting up the church for our branch Christmas party

Yah...that second sole is more to hopefully finish out the mission!!!

hmmm...maybe I put a little too much soap in that washing machine...haha

With a member's child. Enjoying that soda. HMMM!!!

This week's baptism

Havin' fun at the Branch Christmas party with some of the other elders ;P

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