Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11th 2013

We got a whole bunch of pictures this week...

The iron decided to heat up to about 10,000 degrees and it went straight through everything. ;)

Practicing for upcoming college basketball tryouts!!!

A couple of girls in the branch.

Just strikin' a pose for the camera. ;)

Last week's baptism.  (Part member family, getting them all in the watter!!!)

TRACTING!!!  This is life in Uganda.

Stacking bricks for service.  They make them out of mud, then build them into a kiln shape and fire them.

Standing in front of the Bardege Chapel (Last day in Gulu)

Hanging out with all the kids, they love white people!!! haha

Exhausted after a long day, not the sweat dripping at 9:30pm... haha

Missionary from Durbain, South Africa

9:23pm and still 87 degrees Farenheit.  WELCOME TO LIRA!!!

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  1. Trying to get in contact with Elder Brandon Winters! I am Elder Michael Frakes' mom. I think you have a package for us??!! Can I pick it up? Please respond...