Monday, September 5, 2011

September 5th 2011

Well my wonderful family and friends!!! Yet another week has gone past and I sit here in the internet cafe to communicate with you!!!! Every day of this week seemed to drag by for me. I don't know why, it's probably just in my head...but now it is over and a new week begun. One thing I am very grateful for is the fact that time continues to move forward regardless of what we are doing, how we feel, or where we are. Every week I think to myself "I am one week closer to being home" but this past few weeks I have started thinking as well "One more week of people's lives being touched is in the books." I know that what I am doing at this time is the best thing I could be doing. I am where God wants me to be and I pray that I will have his spirit to be with me to guide me to those people who have been prepared to receive the gospel.

I hope that everyone's week was a good one. Sometimes I feel so distant and far away (probably because I am...8,500 miles away :D) and I only get news from home once a week. There are times that I feel helpless, like I wish I could help out with problems happening back home but it is not in my power to do so. Helplessness is not a good feeling and I have been doing my best to rely on God and have faith that he is watching over all of you as I am away.

It sorta feels like I am having a contemplative day today, sorry for all the personal thoughts and feelings. You probably want all the juicy details of the week including the "plate of the week." I guess I'll move onto that right now.

So we weren't able to have a baptism this week, we had a family (man and woman) who were scheduled to be baptized but it didn't work out. The man, Sam, is SO POWERFUL!!!! He is truly Stake President material. He has even started an "Anti-Coffee crusade" at his workplace. He has a few people on the bandwagon and is making progress trying to get others to follow. I hope and pray that he will be able to be baptized and progress in his learning in the church.

So I need to apologize for my possibly offensive story last week ;D jk I realized that the visual image of Elder Winters peeing on the side of a building like a common Mutt could be somewhat disturbing and potentially destructive to my search for a wife upon my timely return from Uganda. So, I would like to respectfully request the story and its accompanying mental images to be stricken from the record or your minds. :D Instead you can dwell upon the incredible snail I found as a result of the aforementioned event which never took place :D I was talking with an investigator and showed him the picture I took and he said "Hah, that is nothing, you just wait till you see a really big snail." I am still waiting and I guess that they will get bigger as the rainy season moves on.

So one of the pictures I attached is of several African kids playing in a drainage ditch during a rainstorm. I think I mentioned that the rainy season has officially begun and we have rain storms nearly every afternoon. Well, this drainage ditch was about 3 feet deep and it had water RUSHING in torrents through it. One of the younger kids jumped in a few yards up stream and was carried down until he he the bend in the ditch where he was able to hang on. I have to admit that I do love the rain storms they just aren't too much fun to work in. I have a rain poncho but with rain coming down by the gallon per square inch per second (if that makes any sense...) it doesn't do much. Usually we try to find somewhere to shelter us until the storm breaks but sometimes it lasts longer than 20-30 minutes so we have to get going to our appointments

So Elder Goodner and I are teaching two "Nyabos" (Ladies) who have daughters the same age as my youngest sisters Sophia. It has been fun to visit them over the past 7 weeks and see how much the children have grown. It is the weirdest thing knowing I have a younger sister who I left as a drooling baby and will come back to her a walking, talking toddler. I am able to look at these little African babies and see a little of what Sophie is like now. Events such as sitting up, rolling over, etc...So these two babies can sit on their own now, how is Sophie doing? Or what can an American baby do at 5 months old? It would be interesting to see what impact the different cultures and lifestyles have upon the maturing of a baby.

Well, I am hoping to have a great week this week. Hopefully we will be having a double baptism this Saturday (not Sunday this week) with Sister Rose and Sister Mirium. Keep the prayers coming, I will keep my prayers ascending up to heaven for all of you. I don't know what is going on in each one of your lives but God knows and he will bless you as you keep the commandments and live faithfully.

Until next week, "God be with you till we (email) again!!!"

Please feel free to write me using --- Elder Brandon Winters, Uganda Kampala Mission. I will do my best to answer questions the week I get letters!!!

Elder Winters

A security guard we are teaching

The FIRST sidewalk I have seen in Uganda!!!

Sister Mirium and her child (same age as Sophia)

Kids playing in a drainage ditch during rain storm

Sister Dorothy and her child (same age as Sophia)

Jack Fruit (Plate of the Week) Tastes like a mix between Banana and Mango but way different texture

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