Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Good morning Friends and Family!!! Greetings from rainy, wet, soaking, humid, did I mention WET UGANDA!!!! Yes, it has come. The season missionaries here dread the most. It rains almost every day, some days more than others but always you can count on muddy roads and wet pass-along cards :D

This week has been quite an eventful one. To start off with the highlight of the week, Elder Goodner and I had a double baptism. Two friends, Susan and Vivian. We met Susan about the 2nd week of July but actually dropped her as an investigator because she wasn't coming to church, then randomly about the 1st week of August she showed up at church. The rest is really history, we spent about 4 weeks teaching her the Doctrine of Christ and commandments and she was baptized yesterday. The interesting thing about teaching Susan is that she has very little formal education and her English is not very good. We ended up teaching her about the Book of Mormon by using the Book of Mormon Scripture reader. This is a wonderful publication for young children but as I have found it is also very good for adults to learn the stories of the scriptures.

We also received the transfer news on Thursday. I won't display all the drama that I did 6 weeks ago, it was kind of tacky and I'm sorry. ;) Elder Goodner and I will be staying together here in Ntinda for another 6 weeks. It is going to be great because we have some great investigators we wanted to "finish" up with.

So I want to thank everyone for sending the letters: Jessica Clonts, Stephanie Weber, Sis. Fridley, Grandma MacPhee, Grandma Vance, Aunt Jeanna!!! I guess I should explain that letters cost 3,500UGX each to send to the United States and there is no guarantee that they will actually make their way there so I have not been able to send any physical letters. I just want you all to know that I really appreciate the letters, and please keep them coming. If it helps you can use your imagination and pretend that each time an email gets forwarded to you from my Mom it is directly from me. :D (Well it actually really is...;D)

The rainy season has officially started here in Uganda. It will last until about February or March and start back up around next August. Yes it rains a lot in Uganda, but it is nice because it keeps the dust down. Sometimes we go maybe 3-4 days without rain and the dust gets so bad it actually gets deep if you can imagine dust being measured by depth :D Sometimes I will get home and my shoes (which are black) will be a reddish brown, so colored that you can't even tell they are black. Thank goodness for water and black shoe polish. Even when I polish my shoes they get dirty within 5 minutes of walking out the door but it's the thought that counts right? ;)

So the highlight of the week happened funny enough when I was peeing. Okay, so here in Uganda people (mostly men) just pee anywhere they want or can. It was pretty strange to me at first but after suffering through a couple days of having to hold it till I could get back to the apartment I gave in and followed the crowd. I am drinking about 2-3 liters of water each day and my body can't hold it all...so there is my explanation for peeing in public. So...anyways, back to the story. I was peeing behind a building when I saw what I thought was a rock sliding across the ground. It turns out that it was a giant snail. I think I remember reading about giant African snails somewhere but had forgotten till I saw this one. It is pretty sweet and I took some great pictures. So...my plate of the week is a French delicacy, also known as Snail!!! haha

All right ya' all, Love ya bunches!!!!
Elder Winters

Gloria, our recent convert cutting up Sugar cane for desert

One of our investigators breeds rabbits. These babies are only 1 week old, they have to be hand nursed.

Giant African snail next to cell phone (This picture is not edited in any way to enhance effect)

Plate of the Week - Escargot?

Baptism yesterday!!! Susan (on left) and Vivian (on right)

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