Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25th 2012

Well my friends!!! It has been a hectic week. Starting on Monday I had a fairly normal P-day except for a lot of preparations for transfers. My companion left that day for Entebbe so I had to coordinate with the other guys in the district to be with them but not interrupt their days activities. We ended up going to Kampala to do some shopping because one of the elders in the district is leaving to the "village" and needs some stuff to get him through the time there. SOOO!!! It was a pretty hectic day I guess.

Tuesday was probably the slowest day of my mission. We had a meeting in the morning then I had to spend the rest of the day at the mission office doing absolutely nothing because I had no companion. I know now that my desire to work is definitely there. Even when I have a hard day, the way to get through it is to work. WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK!!! The exciting bonus of the day though was being able to go to the airport in Entebbe to pick up my new companion straight from the South Africa MTC (Not the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for those "Suits on the Loose" fans ;P) We are getting along just fine, he is still in a little bit of shock being in a new country and all but we'll soon work that out of him.

Today we have some fun plans. Ever since I started my mission I began a list of things and places that every "Greenie" should experience his first transfer in the mission. Among that list is: The Kampala taxi park, Entebbe (Lake Victoria), Njera (Ethiopian food, I know, why eat Ethiopian in Uganda...don't ask me but it's really great!!!) and Matooke. We have been able to do a few of the "eating" things, and have plans to go to the Taxi park today and go to get Njera for lunch.

This first week in a missionaries mission is a very important one. It sets the whole path of the mission. If you work hard the first transfer, chances are that you will work hard the rest of your mission. If you laze around and break mission rules, the same actions will persist the rest of your mission. I am commited to make this first transfer and area the best experience possible to set the pattern for my companions mission.

We had a great turnout at Sacrament Meeting yesterday a whopping 126!!! I can't tell you happy that made me!!!! Kajjansi is GROWING!!!

Love from Uganda!!!!
-Elder Winters

Njera (Ethiopian dish. Fermented rice with beef and spicy sauce) GRRRREAT!!!!!

Peeling Matooke for dinner with a member!!!

Me and my New companion.

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