Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 31th 2012

Hello Everyone!!!

Sorry for the "scare" I put into everyone emailing a WHOLE day late!!!! haha ;P As many of you may know, we are going through our transfer time so I was unable to write. My time in Kajjansi has come to an end.  I guess you are all wondering where in the great country of Uganda Elder Winters is going... I have been sent back to the Eastern parts of Uganda and will be serving in Mbale (EMM-BALL-AY). I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to work harder and serve more people. Every transfer, every area, every companion brings new learning experiences and this transfer is no different. My new companion was actually my second Zone Leader on mission. It his his last transfer so in missionary lingo I'm "Killing" him!!!!  I want him to remember our transfer together and be grateful for working hard to the end. He is from Kenya, Nairobi.

I want to share my testimony with you of something today. I haven't done that very recently and I apologize...;P As I have been reading the Book of Mormon and studying with other missionaries we have found a scripture which contains some great truth. As Jesus Christ was teaching his disciples among the Nephites He taught them His gospel. Prior to his leaving, he called and ordained men to go forth and preach the gospel. In 3 Nephi 28:23 we read of the results of their efforts. "And it came to pass that thus they did go forth among all the people of Nephi, and did preach the gospel of Christ unto all people upon the face of the land; and they were converted unto the Lord, and were united unto the church of Christ, and thus the people of that generation were blessed, according to the word of Jesus." The important thing I want us to pick from this verse is the fact that the people were converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many people around the world think that simply joining a church that teaches from the Bible or worships God or whatever is good enough...but we learn here that that is not true. We must be converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is: Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. Faith and Repentance can come on their own in our individual lives, but Baptism and Receiving the Holy Ghost MUST be done by someone holding the authority of God and that is where the Church of Jesus Christ comes in. God has given his power and his authority to one church, his church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. If we want to truly and fully follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ then we too, like the disciples of old MUST unite ourselves with the Church of Christ. I testify to you that there is no other way that we can be saved in the kingdom of heaven. Straight forward truth!!!!

I love you guys!!! Continue to enjoy the Summer as I know you are!!!

Elder Winters

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